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Cake’s commissions to Help a Friend

I’m doing these commissions not for myself but for my friend Prism Mod

I’m going to be doing the art but she’s the one your going to be paying, you can talk to either one of us, but the moneys all going to her. As for payment you can use the donation button on the side bar of her blog. 

These are going to be fully colored half body or full body commissions with simple to no backgrounds for 13$ each. These are for only one character. Reference pictures most be provided and you must be clear about what you want. 

Things I will NOT draw:
Nsfw/Fetish/kink/implied nsfw  
Furry/Anthro (Depending on the character I may make an exception here but I still reserve the right to turn it down if what your asking for makes me uncomfortable. Also I’m not good at drawing robots but depending on how complicated they are I might be able to.)

Things I WILL Draw:
Horror/Monsters/Aliens/blood gore/violence (but I do have my limits. If you mix nsfw/fetish/kink with any of these I will Not draw it.)

All payment will go to Prism Mod


(Mod: Sorry ahead of time.. I decided to reply with text /)w(\)

Kakera glanced down at the girl, and watched her look away. She frowned, taking a step closer to her. “How have you not had milk since you arrived?! It’s the only thing I drink.” She looked straight down at Monday’s face, though pink-hair stared at her scarf, not meeting her gaze.

"My eyes are up here. I won’t hurt you if you look. Not this time…" Kakera saw Monday was shivering slightly, afraid. Her voice, low and rather gruff, wasn’t very welcoming… "Erh, sorry. Name’s Kakera. Didn’t mean to scare ya if I did."

She looked around. Only her and Monday. The enderwoman stuck out her mechanical hand, the wrong being the left, but nodded reassuringly. “Pleasure to meet you, Miss Monday.”

(Mod: Bonus horrid failed sketchy Kai hand)

(Hope you like it, Monday! Sorry about only text… They’re still adorable together… Grumpy Kai and cute Monday.

Find the previous comic here, linked to the first one.)

She was glad to see that the Enderwoman wasn’t aggressive.  She still wanted to be respectful though.  ”Nice to meat you, Kakera” she replied, carefully shaking the mechanical hand that had been offered to her.  ”I’ve got a whole bucket of Milk now, thanks to you. We could share it, if you like?” Monday offered

(Source: minecraft-monday)

"I haven’t had milk since I got here, so I wanted to give it a try" Of course, like most things Monday tried, it turned out to be a little harder than she had anticipated.  

She was still kind of in awe of the EnderWoman.  She was the tallest Ender she had ever seen - not to mention she was totally white.  Although, Nameless didn’t look like a typical Enderman either now that she thought about it.  She realized she had been quiet a long time and decided to break the silence. 

"Uhm…my name is Monday." she said, making sure she wasn’t looking right at the Enderwoman’s face. 







Breaking news: The D.C. Appeals Court just killed Net Neutrality.

This could be the end of the Internet as we know it. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Tell the FCC to restore Net Neutrality:

they want to make the internet like tv. with channels and paying to get to specific websites and things. net neutrality = not doing that

This impacts every internet user. Please signal boost the hell out of this and sign the petition if you are American

I do not reblog things like this very often, but this affects me both personally and my business as a freelance artist.

In the economy here; cash is already strapped as it is. You bet your ass companies would suck the ever living life out of misc. art sites.

I don’t want it to ever come down to me choosing between groceries or purchasing a new tier package via comcast to be able to access tumblr or DeviantArt (let alone not guaranteeing I’ll even be seen by my customer base since they may not want to pay out their asses either). It doesn’t seem important to most, but I do 90% of my business online entirely.

Please sign up, fight for this and share it with your followers/friends/family and urge them to give them hell as well.

Not writing related, but this is incredibly important. While we pay for service via ISPs, the internet has been a relatively free space where everyone, no matter their income level, is able to connect, access a wealth of information, and express themselves. The Internet has become a major part of our culture as human beings and the notion that ISPs might be able to limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more is utterly sickening. A lot of us are cash strapped as is, and I’d rather not be limited even more by someone else’s greed. Net Neutrality is essential and I hope you guys will understand why it needs to remain.


P.S. Signal boost this if you’re able.

“ limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more”

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more


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